Admin Settings Tab


Admin settings are settings that relate to the running of your store these settings are generally only set up once.

This tab can be found under the main word press settings menu from your admin dashboard.

Settings > Store >Admin

Admin Settings

Max downloads per file

Sets the number of times the user is allowed to download a digital product.

Lock downloads to IP address

If this is set to “yes”, the download URL provided to a customer will only work from the IP address used to make the purchase. Note that you can also limit the number of times a download URL will work, so we recommend you use this feature carefully.

Check MIME types on file uploads

Disabling this exposes your site to greater possibility of malicious files being uploaded, we recommend installing the Fileinfo extension for PHP rather than disabling this.

Purchase Log E-mail

Enter the e-mail address where you would like sales notifications to be sent. You can enter multiple addresses, separated by commas. Note that e-mails will be sent as soon as the customer leaves your site to go to the payment gateway (e.g. PayPal, Google Checkout), so be sure to check your gateway account to verify that the order was completed.

Purchase Receipt – Reply Address

Enter the e-mail address that should be in the Reply-To field of messages sent from the store.

Purchase Receipt – Reply Name

Enter the name that you want to display in the email purchase receipt.

Terms and Conditions

This is where you should put any text you want your customers to read and agree to before completing their purchase. It will pop up just before they leave your site to fill out credit card information at PayPal.

Note: This text will not pop up if you use Google Checkout, since Google Checkout has its own Sale management system independent to WP e-Commerce.

Custom Messages

Tags can be used: %shop_name%, %product_list%, %total_price%, %total_shipping%, %find_us%.

Purchase Receipt

This is where you can enter a custom message that will display on the purchase receipt email the customer receives upon purchase. There are a number of tags available for you to customise the message.

Admin Report

This is where you can choose what information shows up in the email that is sent to the store owner after each Sale.

Track and Trace

Track and Trace is only applicable to your store if you are using a shipping service that tracks packages.

Tracking Email Subject

This is the subject of the e-mail sent to the customer regarding tracking

Tracking Email Message

The Tracking Message is the message e-mailed to users when you click ‘Email buyer’ on the sales log. This option is only available for purchases with the status of ‘Job Dispatched’.

URL Settings – Pre 3.8 version

Please note these settings were removed for the 3.8 plugin release as they were no longer required.

The location of the product list

This is the URL of the Products Page (your main products list).

The location of the shopping cart

This is the URL of the Checkout page.

Transaction Details URL

This is the URL of the Transaction Results page.

Update Page URLs

If you upgrade or make other changes to the navigation of the site, you may need to help WP e-Commerce integrate those changes. Clicking these two links will nudge the store back into good behaviour.

Note: This is important if you are changing the location of the store, for instance, moving it from a sub folder to the root.

Fix Product Group Permalinks

Permalinks not working? First thing to do is to open the WordPress permalinks tab and re-save, then head over and click the fix group permalinks link. This will put everything back in order.

Note: This is important if you are changing anything to do with permalinks on your WordPress site.

Fix Product Group Permalinks – 3.8 suggested fix

If your having problems with your permalinks in 3.8 or your product pages are not displaying then the first thing to try is to reasave your permalinks twice. To do that head to your Settings >permalinks page and just save your settings a few times. 9 /10 times this will resolve your permalink error and flush the rewrite rules.