Setting up BluePay in WP-e-Commerce

Setting up WP-e-Commerce to run with BluePay is quick and simple, follow the directions below to get correct integration with this payment gateway.

Getting your account information

Before you can integrate BluePay you will need two things, your account ID and secrete key.

both of these come from Blue Pay if you have already set up an account with them you can find them like so:

  • Log in at
  • Click on Administration -> Accounts -> List
  • Click on the ‘View’ icon next to your demo account
  • At the Account Admin screen, the Account ID and Secret Key can both be found on this page.
  • Select BluePay as the payment gateway you want to use, click the edit link to configure your gateway settings
  • Enter in You’re Account ID and Secrete key
  • Select what checkout form data you want to send to BluePay – If you leave this blank then no only the order price will appear in your BluePay

Sales logs

To select what checkout data you want to send simply match the form fields from your checkout with each option for BluePay – If you want to capture the shipping section of your wp-e-commerce checkout form and send that data off then use the first name, last name and address values from the shipping section.

Below is an example of all this filled out correctly – note this is based on the default checkout form set.

Using Test Mode

Only select this option if you have a test account with BluePay – if your account is just a standard merchant production account then selecting to use test mode wont put your account into test mode it will just make the gateway appear broken. If you would like to test transactions then I would contact BluePay and they can sort you out with a test account and details to use.

Testing Blue Pay

Test that everything is working as it should. The best way to do this is to put through some transactions (if your account is live you might want to just create a very cheap “test” product) purchase this product through your checkout system.

If the payment is accepted the following things should happen:

  • You will be displayed a successful message on the transaction results page
  • Your store sales log will be updated to “Payment Accepted”
  • You as the buyer (so long as you used your email address at the checkout) should be sent an email saying that your payment was accepted and let you know what you ordered
  • As the site admin you should also get a purchase report email – This will get emailed to the address that is registered in the settings > store > admin page.
  • If you log into your BluePay account and view your transaction you should see the transaction just put through with the correct checkout fields filled in.

For A failed Transaction

  • You should be sent back to the checkout form with an error message displayed at the top of the checkout page
  • You will also receive a “incomplete sale” order in your sales log
  • No emails will be sent