Checkout Settings Tab


The Checkout Settings tab relates to your checkout page, It is here that you set up your form fields and settings for checkout.

Misc checkout options

Users must register before checking out

Select this to yes if you would like to force your users to join up before going through checkout. Some stores will need to have this turned on to take advantage of other plugins like members and TikiPress. If you have turned this on don’t forget to go to your wordpress Settings > General and turn on the option “anyone can register”.

Enable Shipping Same as Billing Option

This creates a check box on your form that allows your buying to instantly populate their shipping details with their billing details.

NOTE: If this is not working check for JavaScript errors also to unique name for the heading “Shipping Details” must be set to delivertoafriend.

Force users to use SSL


Form Fields

The form fields are what your buyers will full out at the checkout. Depending on your products you might not require all of the default form information.


Use this to re-order your form fields – simply click on the field and drag it to the new position.


This is the form label that the buyer will see, it pays to keep them short and simple.


This is the type of input box that will be used. Take note if you are setting up new delivery or billing address fields as they have special boxes eg “delivery city”. If you select the type country a country drop down list will be generated based on the countries you selected as your target market. For countries that have states (eg Canada, USA) a state drop down list will also be generated. It pays not to change these types from the defaults as it can interfere with taxes and payment gateways. Use the type heading to generate new headings to break up your checkout form data.

Unique Names

The unique names are used mostly by the payment gateways. A general rule is to not change these, or if you want to create your own checkout forms then apply the correct unique name to each section. The most important two unique names to remember are delivertoafriend – In order for “shipping the same as billing” to work this must be the unique name for the shipping details heading. Billingemail also must be used somewhere on your checkout form as the address entered into this field is what get used to send out the purchase emails and any download links.


Check this box if you want this field to be mandatory (ie must be filled out at checkout) By ticking this box a * will appear next to the name and the field will be validated to see if the buyer has filled it out correctly.


Do you need this field? if not delete it. For people selling only online downloads then it is probably not required to get the users address or any shipping details. In that case you will probably want to delete some fields. To delete a field just push the trash button. however if you are experimenting with form fields you would be better off to create a new form set and not delete from the default one. The defaults are set up correctly to work with the payment gateways so its a good idea to keep them intact to use as a reference.

Add a new form set

This creates a new form set for you to use – This is the best way to create a custom checkout (if you don’t want to use the default).

It can also be used if some product categories require additional information to be collected at checkout as you can apply a custom form set to a category, the fields in this form set will then be applied to every product in that category at checkout.

To create a new form set simply click the link and enter in the name of your new form set, you can now select that set from the drop down list and filter in to add the additional fields.

Add a new form field

This will create a new form field within the current form set that you are filtered to. If you have just created a new form set above then you probably want to filter to that and add some fields! simply click the link and fill out all information for the field, for a definition of each option see above. Form fields can be added to any checkout set (even the default).