DPS / Payment Express – PX Post

What is DPS / Payment Express – PX Post?

PX POST is designed to handle transactions using a HTTPS Post Request. The XML is generated at the client site and sent to https://sec.paymentexpress.com/pxpay/pxpay.aspx.

There is no DPS software needed on the client side, which makes it platform and language independent. This allows for greater flexibility & interoperability.

There is another Payment Express gateway included with the gold cart – PX Fusion, the main difference between the two is that px post will take the user to a seccure page for payment. PX fusion will send the credit card details away for processing right from your checkout page (px post is reccomended as its more secure to send your clients away for payment, unless of course you have a seccure website and your sure everything is in place).

For more information about the two I would talk to DPS / PAyment Express they will be able to advise you on which one to use based on your needs.

Setting up DPS Payment Express – PX Post in WP e-Commerce

DPS Payment Express (store > payments > linkpoint)

So there are a few things you will need from Payment Express they are an Access / user ID, Access Key and a MAc Key.

DPS will provide you with your user ID and a 64 character key / password. The first 48 characters of this is your access “Access Key”  the last 16 characters are the “Mac Key”.

Enter the following details into your DPS Payment Settings

If you have all these details correct, DPS account active and settings saved then everything should now be ready to go!

Trouble Shooting DPS

“I get an error message about an incorrect URL” – DPS recently changed their URL’S This has been updated for the latest version of Gold Cart  If your using an older version then you will want to make sure your DPS URL is set to:  https://sec.paymentexpress.com/pxpay/pxpay.aspx

If you have upgraded from another Gold Cart then you will also still need to set the URL in your store settings