FedEx Shipping

This Module offers shop owners the ability to provide Fedex Shipping Quotes for products with weights.


  • WPeC 3.7.4 and above
  • Fedex Account
  • Servers Running PHP 5+
  • Fedex account
  • Curl enabled on your server
  • Gold Cart

Installing FedEx

Installing the FedEx plugin is easy, simply upload it to your plugin directory and activate from the plugin menu. The Fedex plugin does not have its own menu it simply adds an additional shipping option to the shipping section of the store settings.

Configuring FedEx

Assuming you have the following list of requirements above checked off and your plugin is activated then you should be ready to go!

Jump over to the Settings > store >shipping page to start configuring your FedEx shipping module.

With all shipping you will need to fill out the top section with all your store details.

check the FedEx box and hover over the link and click update you can now enter in your credentials – These are given to you by FedEx, be careful coping and pasting that no white spaces are included!

The option Use Testing environment should also only be ticked if your using a testing / developers account not a production account. If you want to change your account type this must be done with FedEx.

It is important to ensure that all your products and their variations have weights see Managing Stock Levels for more details on how to do this.

Support & Common Problems

The select your country select box is not showing on my checkout page!

Ensure that your shipping country has the unique name shippingcountry!

“Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight. Please double check your destination details. ”

The most common problem here is the wrong account type – make sure your FedEx account is a production account.

Do all your products and their variations have weights?

Have you entered in the correct FedEx details?