Function Reference

Conditional Tags Index


wpsc_this_page_url – returns the current URL of this page

Products Page

  • wpsc_pagination – generates and returns the urls for pagination
  • wpsc_check_display_type – returns the display ‘view’ of the given Product Category
  • wpsc_output_breadcrumbs

Single Page

  • wpsc_output_breadcrumbs
  • gold_cart_display_gallery – displays the Product Gallery within Gold Cart
  • wpsc_product_image – returns Product image
  • wpsc_product_no_image_fallback – returns ‘no image’ if Product image is not provided
  • wpsc_show_pnp – returns the Product postage and packaging detail
  • wpsc_the_product_price – returns the Product price
  • wpsc_display_categories – checks whether to display Product on the page
  • wpsc_edit_the_product_link – returns the Product edit link
  • wpsc_the_product_title – returns the current Product title
  • wpsc_the_product_description – returns the current Product description
  • wpsc_the_product_additional_description – returns the current Product additional description
  • wpsc_the_product_permalink – returns the current Product URL
  • wpsc_product_external_link – returns the current Product external link if provided
  • wpsc_product_sku – returns the current Product SKU
  • wpsc_product_creation_time – returns the current Product date/time of creation
  • wpsc_check_variation_stock_availability – returns the availability of a given Product variation
  • wpsc_product_remaining_stock – returns the remaining stock of a given Product
  • wpsc_product_postage_and_packaging – display the current Products postage and packaging amount (only works for flat rate)
  • wpsc_product_normal_price – returns the normal price of a Product has a special price
  • wpsc_the_product_image – returns the URL to the featured Product image
  • wpsc_the_product_thumbnail – returns the Product image thumbnail
  • wpsc_the_product_image_link_classes – returns the classes assigned to the Product image container within the template
  • wpsc_product_comment_link – returns the Intense Debate link on the Product detail page
  • wpsc_product_comments – returns the Javascript for the Intense Debate feature on the Product detail page
  • wpsc_display_product_multicurrency – displays the different currency prices assigned to a Product
  • wpsc_product_rater – displays the ratings for a given Product
  • wpsc_you_save – displays the amount saved off a Product normal price