General Settings Tab



The general settings tab is where you configure all the general settings for you shop and can be found under the main WordPress settings menu from your admin dashboard.

Base Country Region: This is the business location for your store. The data entered here will be used with flat rate shipping for working out local shipping prices. You might also notice that your checkout page will be pre populated with the base store as the delivery and billing country. It is not required that you fill this out however it is strongly recommended if you’re going to be selling products that require shipping.

Target Markets: Select the countries that you will be selling your products to – if you leave a country unchecked then that country will not display in the delivery and billing countries on the checkout form, shipping quotes will also not be able to be generated so you wont be able to sell your products to that location.

Keep Stock In Cart: This controls how long stock will get reserved for in someones cart. You can also specify decimal amounts such as ‘0.5 days’ or ‘1.25 weeks’. Note that the minimum interval you can enter is 1 hour, i.e. you can’t schedule it to run every 0.5 hour.

Use Hierarchical Product Category URL: When Hierarchical Product Category URL is enabled, parent product categories are also included in the product URL. Using this options means you will need to have a nice permalink setting to reflect this.

For example:

Currency Settings:

This is where you configure the base currency for your store.

Currency Type: Select the currency type you are going to use in your store – this will be displayed on the front end and be the currency that is sent to the payment gateways – If your chosen currency is not supported by some of the gateways (eg PayPal) when you configure your gateway you will be asked what currency you want to use to send to the gateway. This currency will not be displayed on your shop though instead your selected currency from the general settings will be converted into the gateway chosen currency for processing.

Currency Sign Location: Each currency has a different rule for that so we give you the choice! This will just reflect where they currency sign will be displayed on your products pages.

Thousands and decimal separators: The name says it all – you probably wont need to change this at all.