Getting Started


  • WordPress 3.6-alpha+ The new theme engine is developed and tested using WordPress 3.6-alpha. We intend to release it publicly around (or after) the time WP 3.6 is released.
  • WordPress e-Commerce active development branch (master) You will need to use the active development branch of WP e-Commerce that will support the transition from the old theme engine and the new one. This is the default master branch. You just need to clone it from here:

  • Only after you’ve made sure the above requirements are met should you proceed to install the Theme Engine v2 Plugin.


  1. Open wp-config.php in your WordPress core folder and flip WP_DEBUG constant to true. This makes sure you’ll see any error messages as you play with this theme engine. It’s rough around the edges so there will absolutely be issues here and there. Please report any PHP notices, errors or bugs that you think is caused by the new theme engine.
  2. Activate WP e-Commerce. At this point, the old theme engine is still active, and a few pages are automatically created for you: Products Page, Your Account, Transaction Results, Checkout etc. These pages will not be used at all by the new theme engine, so you can remove them.
  3. Go to Settings->Permalinks and select any permalink scheme that is not default (we’ll add support for the default permalink scheme soon enough).
  4. Activate WPEC Theme Engine V2 Now you can access your store at

    If you don’t like the slugs, go to Settings->Store->Permalinks and edit the slugs as you see fit. Note that you don’t need any pages to be created. The store slugs will work as-is.

What to expect

You should not expect this to be 100% bug free yet, so don’t use it on your live stores.

If you’re testing with a theme that is already customized for the old theme engine, expect to see something totally different. None of the previous customization you did will be replicated on the new theme engine as it is a totally different engine.

When the Theme Engine v2 Plugin is proved to be stable enough, it will replace the current theme engine in 3.8 as the default one.

Common issues


If you get any notices, warnings or errors that relate to class-wp.php file, please note them down, and find out which rewrite rule is being matched (by outputting the $matchvariable before line 204 in class-wp.php where it loops through the rewrite rules to find the one that matches). Then post your finding on #3. This is likely to be an issue with WPEC core, rather than with the theme engine.

To work around this, go to Settings->Permalinks, select another permalink scheme (other than default), save settings, then switch back to the one you were using before to force update the rewrite rules. See if this fixes the errors and notices.