Gold Cart

Gold Cart is the most popular premium plugin for WP-e-Commerce. It integrates with the WP-e-Commerce store menus to provide extra functionality for you shop, including extra payment gateways, new and improved product searching (now with the option of being a widget), a product grid view and much more.

Installing and Activating Gold Cart

The Gold Cart plugin is installed like any WordPress plugin (into the plugins directory), from there you can activate the plugin. You should of received an API Key on your purchase receipt with the download link to get your Gold Cart, you will need to activate this to unlock the extra features.

To activate your API key click the “store upgrades” link under the admin Dashboard menu. Enter your API Key Name and Key into the space provided click activate and your ready to go.

Support and Documentation

For Gold Cart Documentation and install instructions please read the readme provided with your gold Cart.

For Gold Cart support you can visit the public or premium forums.

Trouble shooting Gold Cart

Activation Troubleshooting

  • If your Name and API Key does not activate, please click Reset API Key then submit your Name and API Key again.
  • The API Name and API Key should not have any space in it.
  • Ensure your server supports cURL or fsockopen. Your hosting provider needs to allow these protocols for your website to validate the Gold Cart Name and API Key
  • Your firewall may be blocking connections, ensure the IP address – – is added to your firewall’s whitelist/allowed list.
  • Gold Cart files may be in the wrong place. The Gold Cart Plugin needs to be unpacked and uploaded into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or you may also upload the zip file by using the Plugin Upload of your WordPress admin.
  • Ensure no files were corrupted or missing during transfer, if in doubt, try uploading the Gold Cart Plugin again.

If none of the above helps there is one last (rare) item to check.

RedHat and Fedora have an additional security feature for httpd, which may deny perrmissions for scripts launched by apache/httpd to connect to the network.

Run the following command : system-config-securitylevel

and enable the apropriate permissions. (You may want to ask your host service to do this

I moved my site and now my API Key is not working?

You will need to reset your API Key to release it from your old domain and register it on the new one. To do this simply enter in your API Key and select deactivate API Key, this will reset your key and you can now register it to your new domain.

The product search is not working?

The gold Cart product search is different to the WordPress search. You must first turn it on under Settings > Store > Presentation “Show Search” – this will put a product search on your products page. With the release of Gold Cart 3.8 this search functionality is now a widget – use this if you want to display it on all pages.

Multiple images are uploaded to my product but not displaying on the single product page?

You must turn on the option “Show Thumbnail Gallery” in the presentation settings.

I have activated Gold Cart but It doesn’t have a menu?

Gold Cart doesn’t have its own dashboard menu, its functionality simply extends wp-e-commerce. If you have activated the plugin and API Key and are unsure if its activated correctly the easiest way to tell is to go and check your merchants – you should have a much bigger list now including – If you see these then your Gold Cart is ready to go!