Installing WP e-Commerce

The automated Plugin Installer available within the WordPress Dashboard is the easiest way to install WP e-Commerce. Access this from Plugins » Add, if this option is unavailable to you the following will guide you through manually uploading and activating WP e-Commerce.

For those without access to the automated Plugin Installer the following steps will guide you to install WP e-Commerce using the ‘manually copied with an FTP file manager’ method.

  • To install WP e-Commerce, double-click on the ZIP of the latest release you downloaded from, then open the folder the ZIP creates.
  • Inside will be a folder named “wp-e-commerce” containing the files that power WP e-Commerce.
  • Copy the folder named “wp-e-commerce” and its contents to the WordPress Plugin directory on your web server “/wp-content/plugins/…” with your favourite FTP manager; FileZilla is a recommended FTP manager for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Activating WP e-Commerce

Once the Plugin files have been transferred to the Plugins directory (/wp-content/plugins/ on your web server open the WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the following menu:

  • Expand Plugins through the WordPress menu and click on Installed
  • Ensure the Plugin filter view is set to All
  • From the list of WordPress Plugins locate “WP Shopping Cart” and click Activate

So, you’re opening an online store powered with WordPress. Do you have WordPress installed on your web host? Good.

If you don’t, download WordPress from and install it. Alternatively, if the web host you’re using offers a one-click install of WordPress, you can install it via its cPanel. Seek its customer support if you find any issue during installation.

Next step is installing WP e-Commerce. There are 2 ways of doing it. The first is the same way as installing any other WordPress plugin. It’s quite easy, so let’s try it first.

WP e-Commerce Installation via WordPress Dashboard

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Plugin > Add New. You’ll see a search box.


  • In the search box choose Term as search option. Type in e-commerce in the blank field. ClickSearch Plugins. You’ll see WP e-commerce plugin.


  • Click Install (under the Actions tab).


And that’s all. WordPress will do the rest. However, if you prefer manual installation, no big deal. Here’s how.

WP e-Commerce Manual Installation

  • Download the latest version of wp-e-commerce plugin from

  • Decompress the downloaded ZIP file. You’ll have wp-e-commerce plugin in your computer.


  • Open preferred FTP/SFTP program. Login to its server.
  • Upload the entire wp-e-commerce plugin to the wp-content/plugins directory on your server. You’ll have a path to the directory: WordPress/wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce.


  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Plugins. You’ll see inactive plugin called WP-e-Commerce.
  • Click Activate. You’ll see Products appearing on Dashboard.

And that’s all. Time to fill up your online store with your lovely products and services. Good luck.

Tutorial Video by Adam Purcell of Hungry Dog Media