Linkpoint / First Data

What is Linkpoint?

LinkPoint® offers Internet payment services that give merchants the ability to process transactions over a secure Internet connection via:

  • An e-commerce enabled Web site

  • A standard Web browser for retail and MO/TO transactions

  • A wireless personal data assistant (PDA)

  • Custom commerce applications

LinkPoint® is an electronic payment gateway that helps to enable your e-commerce website.  You still need a merchant account with any electronic payment gateway.

Getting started

There are a few things you will need from Linkpoint before you start these are your store number and a PEM

Setting up Link Point in WP e-Commerce

Link Point Settings (store > payments > linkpoint)

  1. Enter in your store number – this would of been provided to your when you set up your account with Link point.
  2. If your using a test account from Link Point then set this value to “yes” If you are using your account that has been setup for you then its likely not a test account and setting this value to yes will break your gateway

The PEM File

Is a digital certificate used on the Internet to identify a company or organization and secure transactions between two parties. When you sign up for the Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) API service, you receive a digital certificate.

How do I get a pem file? (as of Aug. 31 2012)

The owner of the account should have received a Welcome e-mail when the merchant account was opened. You must have a Global Gateway(previously Linkpoint) API account in order to receive this e-mail. If you lost this e-mail, you will have to call your merchant account provider to have the e-mail resent. This email will ONLY be sent to the account owner.

Or you can generate a downloadable PEM from the linkpoint website. Once you login to your linkpoint account

Click SUPPORT and then click DOWNLOAD CENTER




Click DOWNLOAD *** FOR API ***

* These are the only acceptable  methods to add your PEM certificate to your store.*

If you need help with you PEM file you will need to contact LINKPOINT and ask them to provide you with a PEM file suitable for API use.

Upload it via ftp into the following folder: wp-conent/plugins/gold_cart_plugin/merchants/linkpointpem.

The downloaded PEM file will have the proper name if you are copying from the Welcome email your PEM file name MUST BE YOUR STORE NUMBER .PEM

For example; your store number is 4532617924 your PEM file name must be 4532617924.pem

The .pem file should be the only thing in this folder. Once you have all your store details correct and PEM file uploaded you should be ready to go.

Trouble Shooting LinkPoint

“I push the checkout button and nothing happens my page just refreshes” – This is the most common LinkPoint problem check that you have you PEM file installed.

If you do have a PEM file installed make sure CURL and php 5 is running on your server. If your not sure your PEM file was generated correctly give get in contact with Linkpoint and they will be able to check this for you.