Managing Categories


Categories organise your product catalog into manageable divisions. Not only does this make managing your store easier, but it also provides customers with a variety of ways to navigate and review your products.

Organizing your Categories

To change the order of your categories WP-e-Commerce 3.8 has introduced a nice new Drag and Drog ordering system.

To reorder your categories simply click on the arrows next to the one you want to move and drag it up or down the list.

Category Shortcodes and Template tags

These are used to display a group (or category) within your pages / blog posts or theme.

To find the shortcodes or template tags for a category the easiest thing to do is to create that category then go back in and edit it. Near the bottom of the category details you will see a meta box called “Shortcodes and Template Tags” all the information your need is in there simply copy and paste!

Another way to add a shortcode to a page or blog post is the use the short code box located with the post edit options.

Clicking this will bring up a shortcode generator – simply choose your category you want to display along with how many products per page (this is optional), the generator will do the rest.