Managing Coupons


Coupons is a great way to encourage shoppers to your store, or to run advertising promotions. WP-e-Commerce offers the ability to create flexible coupons to fit your needs and setting them up is really easy.

Creating a coupon

To create a coupon Click on the coupon menu from the main Product area in your DashBoard.

Click the Add New Button

The Basics

Coupon Code: This is the code that your buyers will enter in at checkout

Discount: You have three options here, A dollar ($) amount (this will get deducted from the product price), A Percentage (%) amount or Free Shipping.

Start: This is when you want to coupon to be valid from, if you click in the box you should be able to use the J Query Calender to select this.

Expiry: Similar to the start date but this is the date that the coupon will end

Active: Activates the coupon upon creation

Use Once: This Coupon will only be valid once (this is NOT once per user and will be deactivated on first time use)

Apply On All Products: This coupon will be applied to all products in the buyers cart at checkout


Conditions allow you to customize which products your coupon will be applied to.

You can set these up for Product names, total quantity (this is the total cart quantity) item quantity (this is the single item quantity).

You can apply more than one condition to a coupon.

EG: I have a clothing store that sells T Shirts and Jeans, I want to offer 50% off all T-Shirts, but only if the person buys two or more.

This is how I would set up my conditions

Editing / Deleting your coupon

To edit or delete a coupon you must find the coupon you want to edit and click the edit link. The coupon details will then expand out and you can edit them. With the conditions you can only delete these or add new ones.

To delete the coupon click the link next to the save button – this will remove the entire coupon.

Using your coupon / Testing

Once your coupon(s) have been created testing them out is easy simply add the product to your cart and continue to checkout.

You will notice there is now an area to add a coupon code, enter in your code and scroll to the bottom of the page – you will notice that the discount has been applied and the new total worked out.