Managing Prices and Specials


Prices and specials are one of the most important things about selling your products. WP-e-Commerce allows you to create table rate prices and set up specials for your store.

Product price options

Table Rate Price

Do you want to reduce the cost of your products or offer a discount for users that are purchasing more than one product? If so then you can use the table rate price option to set this up.

Table rate price works by allowing you to set different (per product) prices for different layers of quantities.

eg: I Have a product that is $20. I might want to offer a discounted price if my users buy 5 or more of the product ($15 each), if they buy 10 or more then i want to offer it even cheaper again ($10 each).

To set this up you must select “table rate price” from the price control meta box (located on the add / edit product view). you can add as many layers as you like and delete them if you require using the red x.

The price you enter into the layer is the per product price not the total price.

Product Price

To apply a price to your product simply enter it into the Price meta box when you create your product. If you need to change or update a product price you can do this with the quick edit – simply find the product in your product list and click on the price, edit it and click away this will re-save and you should see the price update.

Product Specials

Everyone loves a good special! and setting them up is really easy, you can just edit your product (or create a new one). Enter in the original price of that product and then right next to it enter in the sale price. By having the original price entered your users will be able to see how much they are saving with the special price.

You can also use the quick edit method on the main product list to quickly change the prices or apply specials to your products.

To use the quick edit find the product you want to edit click on the quick edit hover link you will then be able to update your prices without opening the entire product page

Product Specials Widget

The product specials widget is a great way for you to easily advertise your latest product specials. To activate this widget go to Appearance > widgets and find the product specials widget, drag this into the desired widget area.

The product specials widget comes with a few options that you can configure a brief description of these are below.

Title – This is what appears above the list of special products, make it something like ” Weekly Specials” or “Product Specials”

Number of products to show – How many of your special products do you want to display in your widget? Note: If you have less products on special than you choose to display then only those products will be displayed

Show Description: If checked this will show your product description within the widget.

Show Thumbnails: Display the product image

Your widget should now be configured and displaying on your pages – Don’t forget to check that you have products on special or nothing will be displayed in the widget!