Marketplace 101

In order to start selling your Products in the Marketplace first you will need a Developer account. This guide will try to cover the basics on how to start selling products.



1. Developer Account Creation 

If you don`t already have a Developer account on then you will have to register for a new account.

Once you register you will receive your password by email which you can change after logging into the website. All Developer registrations and promotions are manually approved by staff! You will not be able to publish Products right away until your account has been approved.

Once your account is approved you will receive an Email with the confirmation and some additional information which you will need further on.


2. Creating your first product

  1. Login to your account on the  Developer Login Page
  2. Go to Products -> Add New. Just fill in the products details as normal.
  3. In the WPeconomy Release Manager box, select whether you want to manage your releases with Git (GitHub/Bitbucket) or manual uploads. If you select Git, before saving your product, you need to take additional steps depending if you use GitHub or Bitbucket. You can find that documentation HERE
  4. If you don`t want to use Github/BitBucket then you can use the regular File Upload to add your product files. Documentation here.


After adding your product info and assigning the downloadable files using the Release Manager all you have to do is Publish the product.