Payment Express PX-Fusion

What is Payment Express PX-Fusion?

PxFusion is a product that allows merchants to accept credit card details within a form on their own web page. The form posts sensitive data directly to DPS. DPS will process the transaction and cause the user’s browser to return to the merchant website in a way that is totally transparent to the cardholder.

The process workflow can be broken down into three main steps:

  • Obtaining a TransactionID (via a Web Service).
  • Using a HTML form to POST sensitive data directly to DPS using the TransactionId as the identifier.
  • Obtaining the results of the transaction using the TransactionId (via a Web Service).

There is another Payment Express gateway included with the gold cart – PX Post, the main difference between the two is that px post will take the user to a seccure page for payment. PX fusion will send the credit card details away for processing right from your checkout page.

For more information about the two I would talk to DPS / PAyment Express they will be able to advise you on which one to use based on your needs. If however your WebSever is not set up with an SSL Certificate and sound I would suggest PX Post as they will deal with your customers credit card details and information on their end which is secure.

Getting started

So there are a few things you will need from Payment Express before you can start. This is just your username and password. Payment Express will provide you with these when you sign up

Setting up Payment Express – PX Fusion

Payment Express PX- Fusion is one of the easiest gateways to setup.

Payment Express Settings (store > payments >┬áPayment Express – PX Fusion )

  1. Enter in your username and password as provided to your by Payment Express – PX Fusion,
  2. If you default store currency is not a type that is accepted by Payment Express – PX Fusion then you will be asked to select a currency to convert the order totals to.

Payment Manager

Like most gateways Payment Express – PX Fusion has a payment manager that you can login into here: