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Payment Gateways within WP-e-Commerce & GoldCart

Wp-e-Commerce supports a range of payment gateways and more can be added to our plugin easily.

For more information or directions and help on configuring each gateway Click on the one that applies to you at the bottom of this page.

Understanding Payment Gateways

Each Payment gateway falls into one of two camps. One being the type that can progress the payment without leaving the checkout page, and the other type takes the customer to another website to finish the purchase. Both types having there pro’s and cons.

Payment gateways that take the customer to another website to complete the purchase process (Google Checkout, PayPal Standard, PayPal Express, *). Are usually the cheaper option. The fees for these services are usually cheaper than seamless payment services and your website is not required to have SSL or HTTPS as entering the credit card is done on the gateways website, not on yours so there is no reason for your site to be secure. (expert of course for perception value). The disadvantages of choosing this method are that the purchase process requires more steps for the customer and can potentially be put off from completing the purchase. Taking the customer to another website during the checkout process can also cause confusion.

Seamless Gateways that can process the payment without the customer leaving y0ur checkout page (PayPal Pro, Authorize, Chronopay , Paystaion , Linkpoint *) usually have more expensive fees and it is recommended that your site is secure as your site will be gathering credit card information then sending it to the gateway. Your site will not actually store credit card information but it will take the data and send it to the gateway for processing, so it is in more best interest for that data to be encrypted to greatly lesson the chance of that data ending up in the wrong hands. Some of These gateways require SSL and other just recommend it. It is also a perception thing as the customer can see on their browsers address bar that your site is trusted; they will be much more willing to enter in credit card information. Having a simple checkout process with less steps can increase sales by not scaring or putting off customers with a more drawn out process.

Two great smashing Magazine posts about about these issues in more detail can be found here

Default Gateways Available with WP-e-Commerce

Gateways Available with Gold Cart

Adding / Editing a payment gateways details

Selecting a Gateway

Adding or editing your payment gateways are easy in WPEC simply go to Settings > Store > Payments in your admin dashboard.

Select the gateway you want to configure, hit the update button.

You can configure and save as many gateways as you like – if your going to be using more than one gateway then your users will be given a choice at checkout as to which gateway they would like to use. Using multiple gateways can be a nice option to offer your customers but it can also cause confusion for you customers.

Note : Any gateway that is selected in this menu will display on the checkout page as a gateway option even if no account has been configured for this gateway

Configuring your account details

Once you have selected your gateway its time to configure it with your merchant account – each gateway requires slightly different settings so for detailed instructions click on your gateway from the list above.

To configure your gateway click the hover edit link that appears next to the gateway name. This will generate a form that you can edit / add your merchant details to.

You can reconfigure this gateway at any time however it is recommended that your test your gateway each time you make a change. More information about the fields and options provided for each gateway can be found n the individual gateway pages of this wiki.

Common gateway settings

Display Name

This the name that you want to display on your checkout page for your buyers to choose from when selecting which payment method they would like to use.

If you only have one payment gateway selected then a list will not be displayed and the display name will not be used.

Testing your gateway

The best way to test your gateway is to set up a test product that costs 1 cent and then purchases that card with real credit card info from the checkout page. Although many gateways offer staging services, I believe just gong ahead and testing live can cut time the time and complication in setting up a gateway. With any luck the gateway will work the first time, which means the customer will be directed to your transactions results page which will display a transaction successful message. WPEC will also sent a ‘Payment accepted’ email to the customer as well as an ‘Admin Report’ email to the shop owner, also your sales logs (found in Dashboard -> Store Sales) will also be updated as a Accepted payment sale.

Debugging the Gateway.

There is an array things that can go wrong with the gateways and there integration in WPEC. By far the most common problem is the account details entered in the payments page are incorrect. The first thing to do if you are receiving unsuccessful transactions is to double check your gateway account details and ensure that the are entered correctly in the right form fields, also check there is no spaces at the end of the username/password etc. Also if you are testing ‘live’ then make sure the live option, not staging if selected (if applicable).

Each Gateway has its own quirks and more specific information on debugging them is available on the individual gateway pages (* coming soon)