Paypal Adaptive Payment Plugin


“Adaptive payments handles payments between a sender of a payment and one or more receivers of the payment. You are an application owner, such as a merchant that owns a website, the owner of a widget on a social networking site, the provider of a payment application on mobile phones, and so on.” – Taken from

In simpler terms, it provides a way to do payment to one or more receivers.

Paypal Adaptive Payment allow up to 6 receivers.

Payment Types

Chained Payment

Send a payment to a primary receivers. The primary receivers would then take its share (as a percentage), redistribute the rest of the payment to the next receivers and so on.

Parallel Payment

Send payments to multiple receivers. There will be option to show/hide the list of receivers at the paypal checkout page.

Single Payment

Send a payment to a single receiver. This option work as a regular paypal payment process.

Configure Paypal Adaptive in Store Settings



  1. Fill in the API Information with the credentials that is given from Paypal – API Username, API Password and API Signature.
  2. Follow the following instructions to get the APP ID –
  3. Paypal Adaptive Receivers – Set up the division of percentage for the receivers in this textarea.
    The format is the following | 50. indicate the receiving account, notice the “|” pipe separator following by the percentage. For single payment, use | 100.
  4.  Payment Type – Chained or Parallel
  5. Require Preapproval – This has to be checked in order for pre-approval to work.
  6. Fee Payment – There are 4 options : Each Receiver, Sender, Primary Receivers or Secondary Only. Picking one of these option determines the account who will approve the payment.