Filter Reference


Filters are the hooks that WordPress launches to modify text of various types before adding it to the database or sending it to the browser screen. Your plugin can specify that one or more of its PHP functions is executed to modify specific types of text at these times, using the Filter API.

Product Filters

  • product_tag_cloud
  • wp_generate_product_tag_cloud
  • get_product_tags
  • product_tag_link
  • wpsc_locale – Change the default language displayed within WP e-Commerce.
  • wpsc_set_purchlog_statuses
  • wpsc_merchants_modules
  • wpsc_gateway_modules
  • the_products
  • wpsc_shipping_modules
  • wpsc_alter_database_template
  • wpsc_get_theme_files
  • wpsc_enqueue_user_script_and_css
  • user_registration_email
  • wpsc_product_stock
  • wpsc_downloadable_file_list
  • wpsc_jpeg_quality – Returns the value to use for image quality when generating Product image and thumbnails.
  • wpsc_coupon_rule_property_options
  • wpsc_packing_slip_header – Change the display of the Packing Slip header.

Sale Filters

Checkout Filters

Transaction Results Filters

  • wpsc_pre_transaction_results – Display content above the Transaction Results content.
  • wpsc_transaction_result_content – (int) purchase_id, (array) cart_item, (array) purchase_log

User Account Filters

  • wpsc_profile_message – (string) message
  • wpsc_account_form_field_ – ??