“RSS Error: WP HTTP Error: SSL: certificate subject name ‘getshopped.org’ does not match target host name ‘wpecommerce.org'”

After the migration to from getshopped.org to wpecommerce.org, there have been a lot of of people report seeing the error.

The fix is detailed here : https://github.com/wp-e-commerce/WP-e-Commerce/commit/999e33c6ee07c30ffbf80ed277eb2f5d24940159

  1. Go to wpsc-admin/admin.php
  2. Replace $rss = fetch_feed( https://wpecommerce.org/feed/?category_name=news ); with $rss = fetch_feed( http://wpecommerce.org/feed/?category_name=news ); (Notice that we are changing from https to http).