What is Sagepay?

Sagepay is a secure & flexible credit card payment gateway service (formerly Protx) its very similar to PayPal your customers will make their credit card payments with Sagepay and not on your site. This is a great advantage as your not responsible for handling people confidential information and storing credit card details. It is one of the most popular gateways in the UK.

Note: Sagpay only supports the following store currencies – if your store settings is using a different currency then Sagepay wont work for you. (unless you change the currency type in your WP-e-Commerce settings)

Supported Currencies: GBP, EUR, USD

Getting started

So there are a few things you will need from Sagepay they will provide you with these when you register for an account. to get started in WP-e-Commerce you will need your Vendor name and Encryption key.

Setting up SagePay

Sagepay settings page  (settings > store > payments > Sagepay )

  1. Enter in your display name – this is what will be displayed on your checkout form – If your only using the one gateway then you can leave this blank.
  2. Enter in your Vendor name and Key – this would of been provided to you by Sagepay.
  3. Shop email – This is the email address that Sagepay invoices will be set to.
  4. Email Message – you can include a custom message with your email by default its “thanks for purchasing at {shop name}”
  5. Email options – choose the one that suits you.
  6. Server Type – Select the server type that you want to use see below for a description by default you will want to use ” Live Server”

Server types

Like most gateways Sagepay offers a few different server types for doing test transactions, most people setting up their shop will be using the “live server” however see below for a list of server types.

Live Server – Used to process peoples payments this is the main server that will take the money and process a real live payment.

Test Server – This server is used for testing the gateway, to use this server you will need to request a test account from Sagepay.

If your using a test account check this article out  for a list of card numbers and details

NOTE: if you select test server and you don’t have a test account then your live account will not process and your gateway will break.

Simulator Server –  You can obtain a simulation account from Sagepay this server is used by developers when they are developing the gateway, however if you have this account it could also be used for testing.

Visit The Official Sage Pay Website