The Store sales section is where you can monitor your store sales and dispatch the orders, every single transaction is recorded here so its important to know your way around this area!

Store Sales

This is the main sales area, it provides an overview for the month as well as a list of every transaction ever made in your store.

You can use the bulk options to update multiple sales status or delete logs.

Most of the information here is common sense but there are a few things you might want to take note on:

Sale Status

The Sale status tell your at what process your order is at. some of these are automated and some of them are required to be changed manually. To change a sales status you can simply select the drop down list and choose the one you want, or use the bulk options for updating more than one at a time.

Incomplete Sale: This status is caused when a buyer put items in their cart then never goes through to the payment gateway to make the payment. (ie they decide they don’t want the items so close their browser window without emptying the cart) This status is automatically applied and no items should be shipped to logs with this status.

Order Received: The most likely time you will see this status is if your using the manual / test gateway. Your buyers have not paid for the items but they have received payment instructions and confirmed that they want them. You will need to update this status manually to accepted payment, once payment has been received. Once updated the buyer will be sent a purchase receipt and any download links – if the product was a down-loadable.

Accepted Payment: This status is automatically applied as your buyer returns from most payment gateways (only upon successful payment). When this status is applied the buyer will be sent their purchase receipt and any download links.

Job Dispatched: This status can be manually applied when your products are dispatched, currently there is no plugin / automated system to take advantage of this status.

Closed Order: This status also has to be manually applied – you can apply this to your orders when they are paid for, sent and received!

Payment Declined: This is automated with most payment gateways – This sales status get applied if a buyer goes through the payment gateway and their card declines. No purchase receipts etc will be sent if this is the status.

Sale Details

Clicking the items link under details will provide you with an individual break down of that sale.

Depending on your shipping method and product information will depend on what is shown on the sales log. If your product or store has no shipping then the shipping methods and prices will be left blank.

Sale Actions

Sales actions are located at the very bottom of the sales breakdown

Packing Slip – Clicking this link will generate a packing slip for your order, below is an example of what that looks like.

Resend receipt to buyer – This is very handy if your store has download products, clicking this link will resend the purchase receipt to the buyer (and any download links)

Remove this Record – Simply deletes the sale data.

Go Back – This will take you back to the main sales log page.