Setting up the Store Settings : General Tab


  • Base Country/Region – Select your primary business location
  • Target Markets – Check all the boxes ┬áin the region that you would like to sell your products to.
  • Keep Stock in cart for – Determine the timeline to keep the product in the cart.


  • Use Hierarchical Product Category URL – Include parent product categories in the product URL.
  • Currency Type – Sets the type of currency used in your store.
  • Currency Sign Location – Determine the location of the currency sign in your prices ( Example : $100 or 100$ or $ 100)
  • Thousand and decimal separator – Sets the separator to help readability of the number ( Example : 1,000.50 or 1.000,50 )


Don’t forget to click on “Save Changes” once you are done with your settings!!!


Note : It is mandatory for user to fill in the general tab with correct information since shipping would not work if the information is not in sync with shipping settings.