WP e-Commerce supports a library of shipping methods with live feedback as well as shipping rules and options you can tailor to your needs.

‘Live feedback’ means accurate shipping charges are passed to the customer at Checkout by providing delivery address and ZIP Code (postcode) to supported shipping providers.

Supported Shipping Providers

Included in WP e-Commerce

Out of the box WP e-Commerce supports the following external shipping providers.

  • UPS
  • USPS

But wait we also include the following internal calculators!

  • Weight Rate
  • Flate Rate
  • Table Rate

Plugins for WP e-Commerce

This list is further extended by community and premium Plugins for WP e-Commerce including:

  • Fedex

You can find the following shipping plugins on

  • WP E-Commerce Weight & Destination Shipping Modules
  • WP E-Commerce Shipping
  • wpsc-simple-shipping