Theme Engine v2 Introduction

Introduction to the wpec-theme-engine-v2 Plugin

The wpec-theme-engine-v2 is a WordPress Plugin designed to demonstrate the upcoming template / theming engine for the WP e-Commerce Plugin.

Once we are satisfied with WordPress community feedback this plugin will be merged into WP e-Commerce Plugin and will signify our next major release. We are working hard to ensure that this release will not only introduce our new Theming engine but it will also maintain backwards compatibility for your existing Themes.

This work has been inspired by JJJ and Automattic’s efforts on how both bbPress and BuddyPress handle themes. Our goal is to ensure that WP e-Commerce, much like bbPress and BuddyPress,¬†simply works¬†with any WordPress theme.

This plugin is designed for our core contributors to test and provide feedback and it is for community theme creators to use to ensure that both existing and new themes are compatible with WP e-Commerce Plugin.