Virtual Merchant

[quote]VirtualMerchant is a complete, hosted payment solution for face-to-face and e-commerce transactions. Easy to use and economical, VirtualMerchant efficiently and cost-effectively processes payments through your Internet-connected PC. All payment information is hosted and stored by Elavon, minimizing your data security and association compliance concerns. It also integrates with multiple shopping cart applications for e-commerce environments.[/quote]

Setting up Virtual Merchant

Elavon will provide you with everything you need when you sign up with them. Everything you need includes the following: Account ID, User ID and a merchant Pin

Armed with all these details your now ready to set up the Virtual Merchant Gateway. As virtual merchant is a Gold CArt gateway you will nned to ensure thats installed and activated before you can configure VM.

Head over to Settings > Store > Payments Select Virtual Merchant from the gateway list and click the edit link to configure.

Enter in all your details provided by VM, there are two extra settings that you can set they are explained below.

AVS Security

With this setting turned on the billing address and postcode need to match up to the credit card info – this is a good way to ensure your customers are who they say they are, you can turn this setting on within your VM account. Once you have turned it on then you can select Yes if you would like WP-e-Commerce to honor this feature.


Most people will not want to change this, however VM offers test accounts and a testing environment this will let you try their gateway and make test purchases without any money changing hands. If you have a test type account then you can want to set this to test mode. If your account is a live production account setting this to test mode will not let you create test transactions it will break the gateway.

Once all your details have been filled out and settings selected then dont forget to save everything!

Virutal Merchant and Permalinks

you must have any permalink setting other than the default for this to work. Virtual Merchant wont work with teh default permalink wordpress setting.