Located in: wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php

Functions that call this hook: none this is the checkout page template files
Arguments Accepted: none
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: This action is triggered just after the product name is output into the “confirm your order” table (it is called within the


Similar Actions: wpsc_before_checkout_cart_item_name – Printed in the table division but before the product name.

Code in context:
[php firstline=”56″ highlight=”59″] <td class="wpsc_product_name wpsc_product_name_<?php echo wpsc_the_cart_item_key(); ?>">
<?php do_action ( "wpsc_before_checkout_cart_item_name" ); ?>
<a href="<?php echo wpsc_cart_item_url();?>"><?php echo wpsc_cart_item_name(); ?></a>
<?php do_action ( "wpsc_after_checkout_cart_item_name" ); ?>