Located in: display-sales-logs.php

Functions that call this hook: wpsc_display_sales_log_index()
Arguments Accepted: none
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: Called at the top of the billing details within the purchase log single view. Use this hook to output anything you like relating to billing details (note the shipping details are right above this hook so you could use it for shipping information to)

Similar hooks:
wpsc_billing_details_bottom – Insert content into the bottom of the billing details section.

Code in context:
[php firstline=”200″ highlight=”211″]
<?php _e(‘Shipping Method:’,’wpsc’); ?> <?php echo wpsc_display_purchlog_shipping_method(); ?><br />
<?php _e(‘Shipping Option:’,’wpsc’); ?> <?php echo wpsc_display_purchlog_shipping_option(); ?><br />
<?php if(wpsc_purchlogs_has_tracking()) : ?>
<?php _e(‘Tracking ID:’,’wpsc’); ?> <?php echo wpsc_purchlogitem_trackid(); ?><br />
<?php _e(‘Shipping Status:’,’wpsc’); ?> <?php echo wpsc_purchlogitem_trackstatus(); ?><br />
<?php _e(‘Track History:’,’wpsc’); ?> <?php echo wpsc_purchlogitem_trackhistory(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php } ?>
<div id=’wpsc_billing_details_box’>
<?php do_action( ‘wpsc_billing_details_top’); ?>
<h3><?php _e(‘Billing Details’,’wpsc’); ?></h3>
<p><strong><?php _e(‘Purchase Log Date:’,’wpsc’); ?> </strong><?php echo wpsc_purchaselog_details_date(); ?> </p>
<p><strong><?php _e(‘Purchase Number:’,’wpsc’); ?> </strong><?php echo wpsc_purchaselog_details_purchnumber(); ?> </p>
<p><strong><?php _e(‘Buyers Name:’,’wpsc’); ?> </strong><?php echo wpsc_display_purchlog_buyers_name(); ?></p>
<p><strong><?php _e(‘Address:’,’wpsc’); ?> </strong><?php echo wpsc_display_purchlog_buyers_address(); ?></p>