Located in: Located in: display.functions.php
Version Introduced: 3.8
Parameters Accepted: $product_id

Description: This template tag is used on output the PayPal buy now button instead of the add to cart button.
This tag accepts the product ID as a paramter you can use this function within the product loop and use


for the ID. Otherwise if used outside of the product loop you can just enter in any product ID.

Note: It’s best to check if the user has this option turned on in their settings before just out putting the button you can check for that like this:

[php]<?php if((get_option(‘hide_addtocart_button’) == 0) && (get_option(‘addtocart_or_buynow’)==’1′)) : ?>[/php]

Code Example:
<?php if((get_option(‘hide_addtocart_button’) == 0) && (get_option(‘addtocart_or_buynow’)==’1′)) : ?>
<?php echo wpsc_buy_now_button(wpsc_the_product_id()); ?>
<?php endif ; ?>