Located in: cart.class.php
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: This template tag is used to display price of a single product within the cart, you would most likely use this within your checkout page or a cart widget to display the price of each product.

Note: This function just returns the price so to use this function you must use it with an echo to output the price to the browser. It must also be used within the cart loop.

If you have put in your cart two of the same products this tag will print out the product price not the total price (product_price x quantity) If you want to total price for the items (with quantity taken into account) see wpsc_cart_item_price();

[php] <?php while (wpsc_have_cart_items()) : wpsc_the_cart_item(); ?>[/php]

Code Example:
[php highlight=”2″]
<td><?php echo wpsc_cart_single_item_price(); ?></td>