Located in: cart.class.php
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: This template tag is used to display cart total excluding shipping, tax or coupons. This tag accepts three parameters the first is if you want to include the shipping price (default is true), second is to include tax (default to true) and the third is to include coupons in the price (default true)

Note: This function just returns the cart total (with a currency sign) so to use this function you must use it with an echo to output the total to the browser. It must also be used within the cart loop
[php] <?php while (wpsc_have_cart_items()) : wpsc_the_cart_item(); ?>[/php]

Code Example:
This example here outputs the total price exculding shipping, tax and coupons
[php highlight=”2″]
<td class="pricedisplay checkout-total" colspan=’4′>
<?php _e(‘Total’, ‘wpsc’); ?>: <?php echo wpsc_cart_total_widget( false, false ,false ); ?><br />
<small><?php _e( ‘excluding shipping and tax’, ‘wpsc’ ); ?></small>