Located in: Located in: checkout.class.php
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: This template tag returns the tax label depending on the stores tax settings (Tax Included / Tax). You would use this function with


To display the Tax label and the Tax value. This would most likely be used on the checkout page as part of the order total table.

Note: You must use this tag within the checkout loop, the class is only returned so you must echo the tag.
[php] while (wpsc_have_checkout_items()) : wpsc_the_checkout_item(); ?> [/php]

For example:
<?php echo wpsc_display_tax_label() . ‘ ‘ . wpsc_cart_tax(); ?>
Would display:

Tax Included: $10.00

Code Example:
<table class="productcart">
<tr class="total_price total_tax">
<td colspan="3">
<?php echo wpsc_display_tax_label(true); ?>
<td colspan="2">
<span id="checkout_tax" class="pricedisplay checkout-tax"><?php echo wpsc_cart_tax(); ?></span>