Located in: Located in: checkout.class.php
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: Selected gateways have form fields that are generated on the checkout page, for example Authorize.net and PayPal Pro. Use this template tag to output and form fields that the gateway might have.

Note: You must use this tag within the gateway loop. This template tag only returns the value so you must echo out the tag. You should use the same tag as a conditional check before trying to output the form fields.

[php] <?php while (wpsc_have_gateways()) : wpsc_the_gateway(); ?> [/php]

Code Example:
<?php if(wpsc_gateway_form_fields()): ?>
<table class=’wpsc_checkout_table <?php echo wpsc_gateway_form_field_style();?>’>
<?php echo wpsc_gateway_form_fields();?>
<?php endif; ?>