Located in: display-upgrades.page.php

Functions that call this hook: wpsc_display_upgrades_page(),
Arguments Accepted: None
Version Introduced: Pre 3.8

Description: Used to handle gold cart activation.

Code in context:
[php firstline=”1″ highlight=”5″]

function wpsc_display_upgrades_page() {

do_action( ‘wpsc_gold_module_activation’ ); ?>

<div class=’wrap’>
<div class=’metabox-holder wpsc_gold_side’>
<strong><?php _e( ‘WP e-Commerce Upgrades’, ‘wpsc’ ); ?></strong><br />
<span><?php _e( ‘Add more functionality to your e-Commerce site. Prices may be subject to change.’, ‘wpsc’ ); ?><input type=’button’ class=’button-primary’ onclick=’window.open ("http://getshopped.org/extend/premium-upgrades/","mywindow"); ‘ value=’Buy Now’ id=’visitInstinct’ name=’visitInstinct’ /></span>

<br />
<div class=’wpsc_gold_module’>
<br />
<a href="http://getshopped.org/extend/premium-upgrades/premium-upgrades/gold-cart-plugin/" target="_blank"><strong><?php _e( ‘Gold Cart’, ‘wpsc’ ); ?></strong></a>
<p class=’wpsc_gold_text’>Add product search, multiple image upload, gallery view, Grid View and multiple payment gateway options to your shop</p>
<span class=’wpsc_gold_info’>$40</span>