Located in: wpsc-shopping_cart_page.php

Functions that call this hook: none this is the checkout page template files
Arguments Accepted: none
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: This action is triggered inside the checkout form right before the gateways are listed and below the how did you find us section.

Code in context:
[php firstline=”400″ highlight=”412″] <tr>
<td><label for=’how_find_us’><?php _e(‘How did you find us’ , ‘wpsc’); ?></label></td>
<select name=’how_find_us’>
<option value=’Word of Mouth’><?php _e(‘Word of mouth’ , ‘wpsc’); ?></option>
<option value=’Advertisement’><?php _e(‘Advertising’ , ‘wpsc’); ?></option>
<option value=’Internet’><?php _e(‘Internet’ , ‘wpsc’); ?></option>
<option value=’Customer’><?php _e(‘Existing Customer’ , ‘wpsc’); ?></option>
<?php endif; ?>
<?php do_action(‘wpsc_inside_shopping_cart’); ?>

<?php //this HTML displays activated payment gateways ?>
<?php if(wpsc_gateway_count() > 1): // if we have more than one gateway enabled, offer the user a choice ?>
<td colspan=’2′ class=’wpsc_gateway_container’>