Located in: Located in: category.functions.php
Version Introduced: 3.8
Parameters Accepted: $category_to_print (default = false), $echo (default= true)

Description: This template tag will place classes for the category including selected state. It accepts two parameters, the category to print classes for and if the class should be echoed or returned

[php] <?php wpsc_start_category_query(array(‘category_group’=> 1, ‘show_thumbnails’=> 1)); ?> [/php]

Code Example:
<a href="<?php wpsc_print_category_url();?>" class="wpsc_category_grid_item <?php wpsc_print_category_classes_section(); ?>" title="<?php wpsc_print_category_name();?>">
<?php wpsc_print_category_image(45, 45); ?>