Located in: purchase-log-notification.class.php

Functions that call this hook: WPSC_Purchase_Log_Customer_Notification::get_raw_message()

Arguments Accepted: $raw_message, $this

Version Introduced: 3.8.9

Description: Filter the customer purchase notification’s raw message (purchase receipt) before placeholders are replaced by real values.

Code in context:

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public function get_raw_message() {

$raw_message = ”;

if ( $this->purchase_log->get( ‘processed’ ) == WPSC_Purchase_Log::ORDER_RECEIVED )

$raw_message = __( ‘Thank you, your purchase is pending, you will be sent an email once the order clears.’, ‘wpsc’ ) . "nr";

$raw_message .= get_option( ‘wpsc_email_receipt’ );

$raw_message = $this->maybe_add_discount( $raw_message );

// pre-3.8.9 filter hook

$raw_message = apply_filters( ‘wpsc_transaction_result_message’, $raw_message );

return apply_filters( ‘wpsc_purchase_log_customer_notification_raw_message’, $raw_message, $this );