Located in: display-sales-logs.php

Functions that call this hook: wpsc_display_sales_log_index()
Arguments Accepted: none
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: Called before WP-e-Commerce outputs the “Actions” links at the bottom of the single purchase log page (resend receipt to buyer, view packing slip, delete this log etc). Use this hook to add your own links, the hook accepts no arguments but you can easily get the purchase log id from the URL:


Code in context:
[php firstline=”292″ highlight=”294″]
<div id=’wpsc_purchlogitems_links’>
<h3><?php _e(‘Actions’,’wpsc’); ?></h3>
<?php do_action( ‘wpsc_purchlogitem_links_start’ ); ?>
<?php if(wpsc_purchlogs_have_downloads_locked() != false): ?>
<img src='<?php echo WPSC_CORE_IMAGES_URL; ?>/lock_open.png’ alt=’clear lock icon’ />&ensp;<a href='<?php echo $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’].’&amp;wpsc_admin_action=clear_locks’; ?>’><?php echo wpsc_purchlogs_have_downloads_locked(); ?></a><br /><br class=’small’ />
<?php endif; ?>
<img src='<?php echo WPSC_CORE_IMAGES_URL; ?>/printer.png’ alt=’printer icon’ />&ensp;<a href='<?php echo add_query_arg(‘wpsc_admin_action’,’wpsc_display_invoice’); ?>’><?php _e(‘View Packing Slip’, ‘wpsc’); ?></a>

<br /><br class=’small’ /><img src='<?php echo WPSC_CORE_IMAGES_URL; ?>/email_go.png’ alt=’email icon’ />&ensp;<a href='<?php echo add_query_arg(’email_buyer_id’,$_GET[‘purchaselog_id’]); ?>’><?php _e(‘Resend Receipt to Buyer’, ‘wpsc’); ?></a>

<br /><br class=’small’ /><a class=’submitdelete’ title='<?php echo esc_attr(__( ‘Delete this log’, ‘wpsc’ )); ?>’ href='<?php echo wp_nonce_url("admin.php?wpsc_admin_action=delete_purchlog&amp;purchlog_id=".$_GET[‘purchaselog_id’], ‘delete_purchlog_’ .$_GET[‘purchaselog_id’]); ?>’ onclick="if ( confirm(‘ <?php echo esc_js(sprintf( __("You are about to delete this log ‘%s’n ‘Cancel’ to stop, ‘OK’ to delete.",’wpsc’), wpsc_purchaselog_details_date() )) ?>’) ) { return true;}return false;"><img src='<?php echo WPSC_CORE_IMAGES_URL . "/cross.png"; ?>’ alt=’delete icon’ /> &nbsp;<?php _e(‘Remove this record’, ‘wpsc’) ?></a>