Located in: cart.class.php
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: This template tag is used print in internal name of the shipping method, WP-e-Commerce uses this tag inside a JavaScript function – If your building a new checkout page you will probably want to just copy the code exactly for this part as its required for the shipping to update and display correctly.

Note: The internal name is not the presentation display name use wpsc_shipping_quote_name(); for that.

Note: This function just returns the value so to use this function you must use it with an echo to output the value to the browser. It must also be used within the shipping loop.

[php] <?php while (wpsc_have_shipping_quotes()) : wpsc_the_shipping_quote(); ?>[/php]

Code Example:
<input type=’radio’ id='<?php echo wpsc_shipping_quote_html_id(); ?>’ <?php echo wpsc_shipping_quote_selected_state(); ?> onclick=’switchmethod("<?php echo wpsc_shipping_quote_name(); ?>", "<?php echo wpsc_shipping_method_internal_name(); ?>")’ value='<?php echo wpsc_shipping_quote_value(true); ?>’ name=’shipping_method’ />