Located in: product-template.php
Version Introduced: 3.8

Description: This template tag is used to print the variation group form id, you would mostly want to use this for printing form labels and IDS.

Note: Its normally best to just copy the existing variation code that generates the drop downs from the default WP-e-Commerce theme files. The reason for this is that WP-e-Commerce uses these ID’s and names to reference alot of JavaScript. coping the select boxes will help avoid problems further down the line with validation and trying to add variations to the cart. To style them further you can always add additional classes and adjust the CSS.

This function must be used within the variation group loop.

Code Example:
Used within the loop
<?php while (wpsc_have_variation_groups()) : wpsc_the_variation_group(); ?>

<tr><td class="col1"><label for="<?php echo wpsc_vargrp_form_id(); ?>"><?php echo wpsc_the_vargrp_name(); ?>:</label></td>