Admin Settings


Max downloads per file - maximum file download for a digital product.

Lock downloads per IP address - If set to yes, customer can only download from the IP address he is at. If any of the customer is a mobile user with ever changing IP address, the specific customer can only download the digital product once.

Check MIME types on file uploads - Check the MIME types of the uploads to prevent malicious unwanted files to be uploaded in the first place.


Store Admin Email - If store owner wants to receive admin notification, this field can't be empty. If this field is empty, store owner would not get admin notification.

Terms and conditions - Terms and condition will be displayed upon purchase in the checkout page. Customer needs to check on the box "Agree to the terms and conditions" upon purchase. If this box is left blank, the checkbox at the checkout page WILL NOT be shown.


From Address - This will be shown as from address upon sending the purchase receipt.

Sender Name - This will be shown as from address upon sending the purchase receipt.

Message Body - This is the message that get's sent when a purchase is made.


Tracking Email Subject - Subject that is sent with each tracking email

Tracking Email Message - the content of the email tracking