Presentation Settings


These settings controls the "Add to cart" Button.

Button Type :

  • Add to cart - This means adding your product to the shopping cart and will be processed later.
  • Buy Now - This is a feature where it will take the customer straight to the PayPal page

Hide "Add to cart" button - Hiding the "Add to cart" button from the products page


These settings controls the individual product's information. The settings are pretty self explanatory.

  • Display fancy purchase notification - Fancy notification is the popup box that appears once "Add to cart" button is pressed


These settings controls the products page.

Product display will only allow customer change the view. There are 3 available views:

  • Default view - Display the products one by one
  • List view - Display the product as a list, it requires a plugin that does list view ( currently only to be enabled by gold cart plugin )
  • Grid view - Display the products as a grid. Enable the grid view settings.

Show list of categories - Give the option for the store owners to display categories in their products page


These settings displays the cart location and should you display the postage and tax.


These settings controls the presentation in product categories page.


These settings controls the thumbnail that WPeC will display.


These settings controls wether to use pagination in your WP eCommerce