Online or on the go, UPS is ready to meet your needs. Find detailed information on how to create a shipping label, track your shipment status, and more. You can do it all with UPS.

UPS is an external shipping calculator offered within WP-e-Commerce. This calculator will calculate shipping based of UPS rates, it is most commonly used for shipping through USA.

What you will need from UPS

In order to setup UPS shipping in your WP-e-Commerce store you will need to register with UPS. They have a great Getting Started page to help you get setup.

When you register with UPS you should be given

  • UPS Account number
  • UPS User Name
  • UPS Password

Make sure you get all these credentials when you sign up and that UPS has activated your account and its live and ready to go.

Setting up UPS with WP-e-Commerce

Setting Up UPS Shipping Settings

  1. Armed with the essential info mentioned above you will need to go to Settings > store > shipping
  2. Select UPS from the edternal shipping calculators, save this change
  3. Click the edit link next to UPS to add in your account details
  4. Fill out all the information (see below for a run down and explanation of each setting)

Destination Type – For most of you this will be Residential unless your selling your products to businesses only.

Dropoff Type – For most of you this will be Daily Pickup check with UPS which is best for you.

Packaging – Select they type of packaging this is going to be sent it – You can use your own packaging or purchase preset boxes and packaging from UPS – Would recommend “your packaging” unless your going to use UPS packaging.

Using Test Server - Only use this is you have a UPS test account this is something UPS can help you with. If you have this option selected and are trying to use your normal production account the shipping calculator will fail

Show UPS negotiated Rates - If you have set up negotiated rates and you want to display them then you must check this box and have your UPS Account number entered in correctly.

Insure Shipment against cart total – selecting this option will add the insurance cost (based on the cart total) to the shipping quote.

Singular Shipping – this will quote for each item in its own box. UPS has a weight limit so its a good idea to use this option if you have heavy products

UPS Preferred Services – Select the services you want to quote for – if you don’t select any then they will all be used (depending on your UPS account)

Setting up your products to work with UPS

There is really only two steps to ensuring your products are UPS ready, however without these steps then UPS will not calculate a product rate.

Ensure all your products and their variations have weights and dimensions – See Managing Stock Levels for how to apply weights to your products and variations

Ensure that you have not turned the option “disregard shipping for this product” on

Troubleshooting UPS

Sorry online service is unavailable to this weight or destination

The most common reason why UPS doesn’t work for someone is because their products don’t have weights (each variation / variant must have a weight). Please check that the product your tying to calcuate shipping for.

Is your UPS account activated with UPS?

Do you have any white spaces in your username / password / key details?

Have you selected to use shipping under the main shipping settings?

If you upgraded your WP-e-Commerce from 3.7 to 3.8 then you may need to ensure your using a 3.8 checkout page template.