Variations 101

"Variations allow you to create options for your products, for example if you're selling T-Shirts they will have a size option you can create this as a variation. Size will be the Variation Set name, and it will be a "New Variant Set". You will then create variants (small, medium, large) which will have the "Variation Set" of Size. Once you have made your set you can use the table on the right to manage them (edit, delete). You will be able to order your variants by dragging and dropping them within their Variation Set."

- As quoted by the description on top of the variations page.

There are 2 ways to add variations:

1) Through the Variations menu.


Simple fill in the following fields :


Upon creating a new variants set, by editing the variation set through the Variations menu, store admins can set up special rule for the variation's price.


2) Generating variations through the individual product page :


Note : Don't forget to click on "Generate Variations" to generate the variations for that specific product

After the variations are generated, store admins should double check the shipping and prices of the variants in


Note : Be sure to fill in the shipping details as it will affect shipping calculator!