Categories 101

Categories is simply a concept to divide up your products to bucket for better organizing of your products.

Categories can be hierarchical as it can have a parent and child relationship between 2 categories.

There are 2 ways to add a new category.

1) Through the Categories Menu


Simple fill in the following fields :



There are 2 options in the Product Display that is greyed out. List view and Grid view. These will be unlocked once gold cart is activated.

Please note that if store admin restrict an item to a specific target market, only the target market would be seen during checkout.


Once a new product category is added, store admin can modify these settings.

In edit category, store admin will be able to see an extra information as such:


Store admin will be able to embed the category page as a shortcode or template inside the php code.

2) Through the Product page


Adding or setting new product category through product page is a shortcut for store admins.