Coupons 101


Coupons is a way to promote your products by giving various type of discounts.

To add a new Coupon, simply click on the "Add Coupon" link.


A coupon can have 3 types of discount:

  • Amount - For example discount amount is 5, if your currency is dollar, The price you see would be discounted by $5
  • Percentage - For example discount amount is 10, if your currency is dollar and the product price is $10The price you see would be discounted by $1
  • Free Shipping

The amount of discount is controlled by the discount amount.

One important restriction for coupon is that the Start and End date needs to be filled. If the end date is not filled, coupon will not work.

Use once - Coupons can only be used once, NOT once per customer

Apply On All Products - Coupons can be applied to the bucket OR to each individual product. This option is to apply the coupon to each products.

Conditions - This is the conditions where the discount will be applied.

Coupon Usage : Simply type in the coupon code during checkout and hit apply to apply the coupon